Jennifer Megan Varnadore (Legally Caudill) published her first short story “An Angel’s Misery” on Kindle in May of 2011. It is the story of two starcrossed lovers on the planet Thain, and the lengths they go to for their love.

She published her first Poetry collection in May of 2012. It was called “paper hearts and cigarette mistakes.” Her poetry novel “like we were wallflowers” was published in October of 2012. Her devotional “God Gave Me You” dedicated to her husband was also published that same month.

She lives in the Gateway of the Okefenokee Swamp with her husband and various kitties which are her furbabies. She is often far more notable for her quotes than her writings, which can be found throughout the interwebs.


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Like We Were Wallflowers
Like We Were Wallflowers


“This book has an original concept and a unique style of writing that is not frequently used among authors. I would not doubt that this book will be on shelves in due time. The characters are easy to relate with, thus in a sense bringing you closer to them. I would recommend this story to anyone that enjoys a fresh take on a classic theme."

— Jordan Martin (An Angel's Misery)
"First of all, let me make the point that my opinion is not biased simply because I'm the editor of this story, because regardless of the content which I did correct, I could never have come up with such an interesting idea or visualized something like this on my own. I must admit that my first reaction was that this might be based on the Na'vi from Avatar, but that quickly changed as the story progressed and you learn more about the culture of the people on the planet Thain.

It must be said that I'm not typically one to read romance stories since I usually find the subject of "forbidden love" to be overused in recent years, however this one did catch my attention. Surprisingly enough, the ending of this short story seemed to flip around to focus on an entirely different character uninvolved in any sort of romance, which is what kept me wanting to read more and to learn about the history behind Khyber and where he comes from.

I found it engaging and I can't wait to read more. For a short story, I thought this was extremely well-paced and is just the right length to pique one's interest. You can read it in about ten minutes, but by the end of it, you're left wanting more.

It's definitely an impressive start and well-worth the 99 cents. I'd recommend this for anyone who's a fan of fantasy or sci-fi books, especially if you want to read something original."

— Peter Von Harten (An Angel's Misery)
"The author's writing is the king you have to take bit by bit to appreciate. Imagery and emotion fuel her words and while it's more poetic, maybe that also explains why it is a short story. Some people have the opinion that poetic does not appeal to the masses. I don't find much quality on what the masses prefer (considering it seems geared toward poorly constructed brooding vampire stories).

It's a story of devotion and love. Every one has their own opinions on everything, but I ask don't toss this little treasure aside because one abrasiveness reviewer didn't care to review it with some class."

— Samantha (An Angel's Misery)
Jennifer Megan Varnadore - Roger's Dirge (Based off of the Lilly Madwhip Series by William Dalphin)


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